I took these photos early one morning at the Chapala Plaza. It was before the streets became crowded. So, don’t be fooled by these photos. The Chapala Plaza is usually an extremely busy place. Holidays and weekends are the most crowded times. I will do another post on weekends in Chapala. It becomes like a different town when all the tourists flood in from Guadalajara and other surrounding areas. Some...

My heart Is In Lower La Floresta In Ajijic Mexico

I live in Lower La Floresta. I have been living in this area for almost three years. I love it here so you aren't going to be getting an impartial view.  My heart is here. I looked up online the meaning of the word Floresta. It is a great site,   They had three meanings for Floresta. 1. Forest, shrubbery, thicket.  2. A delightful, rural place. 3. A collection of fine things...

West Ajijic is one of my favorite areas near the lake

West Ajijic is one of my favorite areas near the lake.  I walk out there often. It has a quiet, country feeling. The further out you go, the less populated it becomes and then you run into gated communities and elegant two story homes beside corn fields.  You might see cows, donkeys or chickens in the fields. Sometimes they are in the road. Don’t worry. They won’t attack you.  If they get close,...

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