Hot Air Balloon Regatta

Hot Air Balloon Regatta

Date(s) - 14/09/2024 - 15/09/2024


Held during the end of the rainy season at the Ajijic soccer field, this event is fun for the whole family and the kids sure love watching the balloons made out of China paper rise to the sky. It consists of several local participants who form teams and start preparing the balloons a few weeks before the event start date. Many of the teams look for donations from local business’s and clubs, which help buy the material used to make the balloons, in return the sponsors get their logo or name mentioned on the balloon.

Access Lake Chapala sponsors the team “Si Lupita” is known for making some of the largest and best balloons at the event, you can see several videos and pictures on this page of our balloons thought-out the years. It is always exciting when a Globo lifts off the ground. Either it will burn up immediately or it could fly for miles. Either way, the crowd yells at each one, hoping to see it escape and not burn. People of all ages go to this event, everyone is welcome. No charge to get into the arena except for a collection box to help pay for the next year’s event.

We have written several great blog posts regarding this event and taking many pictures, remember to check out our blog and photo gallery where you can find them.

See some videos we have taken over the years:

This tradition dates back to the early sixties and it has been kept alive ever since.  It is a very family orientated event, since many of the teams that participate, are entire families who have been making these balloons for generations, passing on the tradition to the children and grandchildren in the family. Below is a set of pictures we were able to find that shows this event taking place back in 1963. (Credit Mrs. Crose)

Participants know it is a gamble for them, since it is held during the rainy season and rain can cause their China paper balloons to come crashing down. Regardless of the weather, this tradition is rarely postponed and we have even seen it take place while it is raining. The crowds that attends this wonderful tradition grows year by year, as do the size of the balloons, make sure you don’t miss it.

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2 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Regatta”

  • Tz

    where is the best place to see it?

    • admin

      The Ajijic Soccer field next to El Torito shopping center.


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