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Video Gallery: Events, Traditions & more of Lake Chapala & Ajijic. You might be wondering why we have a video page? Well, it is mainly to show you the user our extensive video collections complied of thousands of videos related to the Lake Chapala and Ajijic area. That’s right, we are not just a small website that shows you some photos and a few maps. The team is serious about showing you the Chapala Lake area and all it’s surrounding towns like no other.

In our vast array of video playlists below you will find all types of different videos including: Home virtual tours, Aerial videos, traditions, events, the town of  Ajijic, Chapala, San Juan Cosala, Jocotepec, San Antonio and others. We plan to update our videos page with more featured videos as we grow. We hope you enjoy our videos and we believe they will show you why we call this place home and why you will someday as well.


The thumbnails above are our most recent uploads to our YouTube Channel, to get the most recent videos, please visit our channel and browse through them all. Below are our playlist we have categorized, please don’t forget to check out our Aerial videos, we have put allot of effort into getting the shots you see in them

Aerial Videos, See Lake Chapala from the air

We take great pride in our Aerial videos, since they were not easy to take. So why do this and how? The reality is these types of videos are “breathtaking”  and we do it because technology now allows it.  Seeing Lake Chapala from the air gives you the user a good idea of the location of each town, village, mountains and the lake. It puts it all into perspective seeing it from the air and we hope to expand on our aerial videos as we progress.

Virtual Tours of Homes in the Lake Chapala area

Most of our videos are virtual tours we do on real estate listings. This should give you some more insight on design, architecture, materials and overall how the homes are like around Lake Chapala. You will find everything from modest one bedroom studios to magnificent estates with all the bells and whistles. Please subscribe to our site in the right sidebar and our You Tube Channel, this will allow us to send you updates every time we add a new video

Events, Attractions and Local Traditions

There is always something going on Lakeside: Parades, parties, fiestas, celebrations, festivals and even a Chili Cook off. We try to attend most of these events and take pictures and video, so check out what we have so far. We do not always have time to shoot a video, so if you do not see an event that you heard about in this playlist section, try our “Picture Gallery“, we cover more events and traditions in our picture gallery.

The Towns surrounding Lake Chapala

From Chapala to Jocotepec, we try to get clips from each different village and both municipalities. We have created two great professional videos showing the beauty of Chapala and Ajijic, make sure not to miss these. We have also included some clips from amazing views you will encounter visiting some properties in the Lakeside area.


All videos listed in our Video Gallery come from our YouTube Channel, where we upload all our videos. Take some time to browse through them all. We also have an extensive photo gallery with tons of pictures of events, traditions and even the local culture, to see all our pictures visit our Lake Chapala Photo Gallery here.