Primavera & Jacaranda Trees in Ajijic Lake Chapala 2021

As the winter starts to say goodbye spring arrives in the lakeside blooming with clouds of Purple, Yellow, and Pink Primavera & Jacaranda Trees. These Trees are part of the gems that make the lakeside originally special, as the color of the leafs blends into all the vegetation that surrounds the streets and community. The Jacaranda Tree & Primavera (also known as Guyacan tree) is originally...

Lake Chapala During the Rainy Season

The rainy season at the Lakeside is my favorite time of the year. It is also the low season. There is still plenty of activity here then but the streets and restaurants are less crowded. The rainy season usually starts in June and lasts through September or sometimes even October. Clouds Over Lake Chapala...

The Ever Changing Lake Chapala

It is hard to get facts about Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest fresh water lake.  I see the lake as a living  entity. It can’t easily be measured because it won’t stand still long enough. I have read that it is 50 miles long by 10 miles wide and 415 sq. miles total. I have read that it is  70 miles long by 20 miles wide and it is 650 square miles total. As you can see by these so-called facts, the...

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