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We are your BUYER Advocate in Lake Chapala!!!! 

There are many agencies and agents to choose from while home shopping in the Lake Chapala area, many who only show you properties that they want to show you and not homes that fit your needs and budget. At Access we look out for you, represent you and your interests by becoming your BUYER advocate. This way you will be able to make the correct decision on the property you want in the location you desire.  We excel at educating buyers on the market and start of asking you about your needs, budget, preferred neighborhoods and living style. As your BUYER representative we can advise you on the appropriateness of the property asking price, help you formulate a fair offer, provide you with guidance on how and with who to address any deferred maintenance and most importantly we can get you in there first.

Question: What if I can’t find the place that fits my needs in time?

We wait until the right one presents itself by keeping you up to date and informed on new properties that hit the market. We have a large rental inventory where we work with our BUYER clients to help them stay in a rental for a limited amount of time until we can find you the home you want to buy. This proves to be a huge advantage for our BUYER clients, since it does not force you into investing into something you don’t want 100% but wait comfortably in a rental while we find you the home you really want.

Our reputation has proven we are a knowledgeable and trustworthy brokerage that looks out for your best interest. We approach each of our BUYER clients following but not limited to the basic steps below:

STEP 1 –  Initial Questions & Property Search

We start by trying to understand your needs and what type of property you are looking for by asking a series of questions including size, budget, living style and location. We then do a search on what’s on the market. Our agents have access to every property in the Lakeside area, we are a member of the local MLS Association (ChapalaMLS “CAR”) and work together with all other Brokers. This allows us to dig deep in the market inventory and show you every property that is available in the area.

STEP 2 –  Touring the Area & Seeing Properties

After compiling a list of properties we can start to evaluate, we proceed in taking you on a general tour of the Lake Chapala area (optional if you already are familiar with the area), starting in the town of Chapala and ending in San Juan Cosala at the Raquet club, in which we cover most of the areas highlights as well as showing you properties that have been selected. During the tour we give useful information on the different Lakeside towns such as: pros-cons of the area, good restaurants, activities, local events, contacts and more.

STEP 3 – Find the Right Property & Offering

After viewing all properties that have been selected and you have determined the one that is right for you, we start the initial contact process of approaching the SELLER with an OFFER that holds contingencies (if opted by the BUYER) such as a Property Inspection or requesting your Home to be sold first before proceeding. By offering, we advise you on what the property is truly worth, your bottom line is important to us and we make sure you get a great piece of real estate at a fair market value.

It is key to having an intermediary during the negotiation process, it is typically not favorable for everyone’s interest to have a BUYER and a SELLER deal directly with each other. Both sides tend to give away more than they would have and end up deadlocking without the help of an intermediary. The agents at Access have negotiated hundreds of offers and know what it takes to get a deal approved and done. We use formal “Offers to Purchase” that establish payment terms, contingencies requests and deadlines.

STEP 4 – Contingencies & 10% Escrow

Once the BUYERS offer along with all terms have been accepted by the SELLER, we commence on advising the BUYER regarding the different property inspectors in the area that can conduct inspections. If the property inspection turns out favorable to the BUYER and no MAJOR concerns are reported, then we proceed on giving the SELLER notice that BUYER will waive the inspection and proceed with the purchase of the property. After this step the BUYER has 5 business days to deposit 10% earnest money into escrow. Once the 10% is confirmed the property is taken OFF the market and labeled as “UNDER CONTRACT”.

Access then assigns you one of our closing team members that works on the due diligence process for closing. We represent you during every step of the way and we always look out for your investment by making sure the closing process goes smoothly. The SELLER does not get funds released until the deed has been signed in front of the Notary selected by the BUYER.

STEP 5 –  Notary & Closing Coordination:

In Mexico all legal documents, transfer of lands and Mexican deeds, known as “escrituras” are done through a certified Mexican Notary, who is assigned by the Mexican government. There can only be a certain number of Notaries for each municipality and you as the BUYER can select which Notary to use. You can read more on the entire process of purchasing property in Mexico on our detailed article we did in our Real Estate guide.

At Access Lake Chapala Real Estate we make sure that every aspect of the closing goes through smoothly, we have years of experience and many closing under our belts, so you can rest assure we know the ins /outs of the entire process and will be by your side every step of the way. We coordinate with the Notary, SELLERS and all parties involved every detail of a closing, including:

  • We work directly with the Notary so he makes sure to check that all aspects of the Property are in order. The Notary is responsible for reviewing up to 20 years of back history of the property, obtaining no lean/debt certificates from the public registry, measuring the property to make sure it is correct and even requesting a no debt certificate from an HOA if the home is in a gated community
  • We generate closing statements for our BUYERS that clearly shows you the exact amount you are paying for the property and the proration’s you get back from the SELLER. It is a simple and easy to understand breakdown of the purchase.
  • We generate formats where the SELLER signs over the CFE electric bills, TELMEX phone bill and SIMAPA water bill to the new BUYER. This assures you that the utility bills will be out of the previous owners name and into yours. We handle this entire process for you and do the utility switch overs personally at the local offices.
  • We request severance letters from the SELLERS employees, most commonly maids and gardeners. This provides assurance to the BUYER that the past staff received their severance and that the BUYER will not be held accountable for this in the future.
  • If the property is in an HOA we get in touch with the board, requesting the no debt letter needed for closing. This assure the BUYER that the SELLER does not owe any dues for the property.
  • At closing we confirm and read the deed to make sure all info is correct, before both parties sign the deed. Once signed we process the payment in escrow releasing the money to the SELLER.

Finalize Loose Ends after Closing

Our work does not just stop the day of the closing. We get back to work right after you have closed on your new home. We coordinate with the Notary to make sure all paperwork gets filed swiftly and most importantly that all the utilities are correctly switched over to your name.

We have many connections in town that will help you with the ownership of your new home. We provide contact information for gardeners, home cleaners, movers, contractors, electricians, carpenters, plumbers and your even everyday Handyman. Our experience allows for a much smoother process and all our clients become our friends after the process is complete. You can always rely on us with questions and help.

Buy your home in Lake Chapala with Access!!!!

Let us make the transition of moving to Lake Chapala easy, while looking out for your interest when buying a home, contact us today and we’ll get started! If you’ve worked with us before, you know what to do.  If you haven’t, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you right away to talk about your needs for buying property Lakeside.

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