Christmas in Ajijic & Lake Chapala 2021

Ah, Christmas! Our favorite season of the year, a tradition that brings friends and family together, a season full of joy. After almost 2 years of COVID-19 restrictions, Chapala was able to host Christmas again, following all sanitary protocols.

There is always something going on between the expat and Mexican community, you can’t keep up with it all. Parties and events almost every night, fireworks of all sizes and colors or as Mexicans call them “Cohetes” and can make very loud noises. Lights on all the trees of all different colors down Chapala’s main avenue light up Chapala with a cheerful holiday spirit.

Christmas parties or Posadas happening most nights, crowded with friends or family, drinks like Ponche, food that overwhelms the air with delicious smells, pozole, tamales, churros. Loud music, sometimes live, more cohetes, these Posadas can go on until sunrise. This is how Mexicans celebrate and invite the whole expat community to get involved and join the party!

For children the Municipality of Chapala arranges for a tow truck decorated with Christmas lights and decorations to drive around town with a sleigh and reindeer on top, ridden by Santa and his elves, they throw candy and small toys for the kids, all while playing Christmas tunes.

This year Town Hall had something special planned for the community, an event that was nothing less than spectacular, they had the building covered in lights and decorations. Outside they had an event for everyone to watch, an aerial dance from a crane that held the dancers 30 feet in the air, all.

While preforming their Christmas special and to top it off Town Hall had a Pine tree the size of the Cathedral decorated as a Christmas tree with lights, and a star at the top Light up for the first the first time in the year. “Fake Snow Machines” on the roof of town hall and had it snow on everyone watching the show! To keep with the Christmas spirit.

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