Day of the Dead Celebrations in Ajijic Mexico November 2021

After nearly 2 years of suspensions due to COVID19, the Day of the Dead celebrations were finally able to be resumed in November of 2021. Most of the Lake Chapala community has been vaccinated after the Mexican federal Government has completed vaccination for most people between 18 and up, so the Municipality on Chapala authorized local cemeteries to re-open to accept visitors on Day of the Dead and for the local Plazas of Ajijic, San Antonio and Chapala to allow the traditional Altars to be set up for the towns loved ones.

This wonderful tradition starts off with family members visiting the grave sites of their loved ones at the local Cemeteries. They usually start of by cleaning the grave and setting up candles, flowers, offerings and even altars right by the grave. Many also hire music, have “Carnes Asadas” (BBQs) right at the grave site in order to be with their loved ones and celebrate their lives. Once nightfall comes many remain until late hours of the night, while others venture over to the Plaza to participate in the several traditions that take place their such as the Altars and the lighting of the Day of the Dead wall.

This year a parade of “Calaberas & Catrinas” marched from the La Floresta Cultural center just East of Ajijic to the Plaza, most holding candles and dressed for the occasion, including the traditional face paintings. Many local organizations and schools participated, including young children and women on horseback.

The Ajijic Plaza was packed this year with Altars and people enjoying their colorful designs. There was even a large Altar setup in the middle of the Plaza for a few locals who have recently passed away from COVID19, all were well known members on the Lakeside community. To wrap up the celebrations, at 8pm sharp local artist Efren Gonzalez commenced the lighting of the Day of the Dead wall, which has turned into a popular tradition for Day of the Dead in Ajijic. Many volunteers help by lighting the candles on over 1300 skulls and it creates a magnificent view that thousands observe from the corners of Marcos Castellas street.

You can find out more about the Day of the Dead wall on a video and blog post we did on how this wall was started, check out the link below:

 History of The Day of the Dead Wall by Efren Gonzalez in Ajijic Mexico

So make sure you to be in Ajijic for November 2nd to witness the Day of the Dead celebrations. You can see the entire video on our YouTube Channel and more about the area and the Day of the Dead :

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