Access Lake Chapala Christmas Party 2023

In Mexico, the Christmas season is marked by a rich tapestry of traditions, and one of the most beloved is the celebration of “Posadas.” This event goes beyond individual homes, extending its warm embrace to local businesses that eagerly partake in the merriment, as Access Lake Chapala does every year and hosts their own Posada, creating a sense of unity within the office staff & agents.

Employees and patrons alike become an integral part of this heartwarming get-together, which includes good food, wine and of course signing not only traditional Posada songs but any type of music the staff wants to see along with.

This year we decide to changes things up a bit so we rented our own outdoor terrace and set up tables, chairs, a karaoke machine, decorations and even space heaters. We hired and Argentinian chef who prepared a great selection of appetizers and steaks.

The Posadas not only serve as joyous celebrations but also as a testament to the cultural significance of coming together during the holiday season. As the night unfolds, laughter echoes through the streets and the karaoke signing as well

The tradition not only highlights the importance of unity and compassion but also showcases the vibrant and communal nature of Mexican holiday celebrations. We thank the whole team and agents of Access Lake Chapala for a great 2023  and a whole year of hard work. We are thankful to have you all as part of our family.



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