Trick or Treat & Halloween in Ajijic Lake Chapala Mexico 2021

Although the official Tradition in Mexico is Day of the Dead, which is also widely celebrated in Ajijc & Chapala on November 2nd of every year, the popular American tradition “Halloween”, where kids go trick or treating asking for Candy has been adopted by the Mexicans at Lakeside. The Locals love taking their kids trick or treating for Halloween to all the popular communities where most expats live, why? Well this is where the best candies are.

The Expats living in these communities are known to give great Candy such as mini Sneakers, Milky way bars, Gummy bears and more. You will see kids of all ages dressed in their best costumes to get the most amount of Candy. The most popular “Hot Spot” communities for the kids are:

1) Mirasol in Ribers del Pilar

2) Lower Chula Vista in San Antonio Tlayacapan

3) El Parque a Gated community in San Antonio Tlayacapan

4) Lower & Upper La Floresta in Ajijic

5) Villa Nova in Ajijic

6) Rancho del Oro in Ajijic

Since all these communities are spread across a few kilometers, the kids usually get transported by their parents who car pool all the kids from one community to another, so don’t be alarmed if you see truckloads of kids on Halloween dressed as Goblins, Witches and Ghosts driving past. The fun starts at about 3-4pm on October 31st and can last well into the night. Many houses really get into the spirit by decorating their homes with skeletons, spiderwebs, vampires and in some cases we have even seen a haunted house.

You can see the entire video on our YouTube Channel and more about the area:

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