Three Kings Day in Ajijic Lake Chapala Mexico 2021

January 06th,, a very important yearly celebration in the Mexican cultural and Catholic belief, the three wise man is celebrated each year a holiday that brings magic to the little ones and gather love ones together to cut the “ROSCA” (Big Donut) which is accompanied with hot coco. The Ajijic & Lake Chapala area are no exemption, kids enjoy celebrating this great tradition.

The tradition is to share a “Rosca” were each person cuts a piece, inside the big donuts there are around 5 plastic baby Jesus, the person that gets the baby Jesus will have great luck and many blessings trough out the new year and will also provide on February 05th The Day of the Candelaria, tamales (Mexican Dish) for everyone.

The tale tells that the three wise man were kings and magicians that could read the stars and on December 25th a star announced the birth of Baby Jesus the son of god in the catholic religion a birth they had been waited for many years. The moment this occurred they decide to begin their journey and started their walk on camels, dressed in silk robes with turbans on their heads. Their names: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. Coming from the east to pay tribute to baby Jesus and give him gifts of great symbolic wealth. Agreeing that a king of kings needed gifts worthy of his person. Melchor therefore decided to bring gold; Gaspar, incense; and Baltasar, mirra, the best presents of the time.

A bright star guided them to the East directly to the place where the child was After a long journey, the Three Wise Men reached Bethlehem, right where the star had settled and they found with great joy and just as they had thought a baby, with his mother Mary and his father, Joseph. Melchior, Gaspar, and Baltasar knelt in front of the manger where the Child slept and placed the gifts at his feet. The child Jesus was so happy with their visit that he gave the three Wise Men the gift of eternal life and the power to bring gifts to all the children of the world once a year.

So, every year children on the morning of the 06th of December receive presents such as Christmas Day, many parents represent this day with smaller and more significant gifts, celebrating this holiday brings to life the Mexican holiday cultural and maintains the traditions generation to generation. This is a celebration that brings family together and keeps the traditions bringing blessings to the beginning of the new year.

Access Chapala Team wishes you a great New year and hope you are able to enjoy of the traditions that the lakeside offers and hope you have an opportunity to enjoy the Rosca freshly baked in the local bakeries.

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