Ajijic Mexico Officially Named Magical Town (Pueblo Magico)

As of this Tuesday December 01st 2020 the municipality of Ajijic, located on the Chapala’s Lake side, has been pronounced the ninth Magic Town of Jalisco, delivered by the Federal government of tourism.

The recognition as a Magical Town was delivered in a commemorative ceremony of the appointment of Magical Towns 2020 in which the federal Secretary of Tourism made the official announcement of the appointment of 11 municipalities throughout the country, including this delegation from the municipality of Chapala.

German Ralis Cumplido, the head of the Jalisco Tourism Department announce that despite of the COVID –19 Pandemic, announced officially the new ninth magical town ( Ajijic ) in Jalisco and even thought the Federal government had not received any resources for the magical towns program from the federal government in 2019 and 2020, the state went ahead and followed with this program because economically  a new Magic Town in Jalisco is good news for the economic reactivation, not only in Ajijic, but for all the municipalities on the shore of Lake Chapala, the  largest lake in Mexico.

With this new accomplishment Ajijic has been positioned nationally and will be accredited of funds by the federal government for the improvement of the city, bringing with it an economic benefit which will benefit all its town population as well as the improvement of its streets, the cleanliness of the place and the security to maintain this great achievement that is not easy to obtain.


Ajijic is tourist destination in Jalisco with colonial architecture characteristic of a Mexican towns combined with the modernity and quality of its tourist services. located 40 minutes from the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, surrounded by mountains and by the beauty of Lake Chapala, with a population and streets full of color, thanks to its murals and cobbled streets, restaurants, galleries, textile shops, inns, cafes and bars. It currently has 78 accommodation companies, 136 food and beverage establishments, two specialized service operators and a travel agency.

A community of Americans and Canadians who reside in the place, making it in a cosmopolitan area, full of cultural and artistic life, a destination of rest to its towns people, being a magical town of creation, inspiration and connection with nature, while enjoying of the magnificent microclimate most of the year.

In addition to Ajijic, other Jalisco towns have been declared as a Magical town located in the state of Jalisco such as Lagos de Moreno, Mascota, Mazamitla, San Sebastián del Oeste, Talpa de Allende, Tapalpa, Tequila and Tlaquepaque.

To be declared as a magical town you must complete the following requirements:

  • – Have an action program for the tourist
  • – A development program of the town for the following next 3 years.
  • – Have established norms in favor of tourist development.
  • – Present evidence of a unique, authentic and emblematic natural or cultural attraction of the locality, which is different from other localities.

Access Lake Chapala Realty is proud to announce this great accomplishment for the town of Ajijic and the Chapla Lakeside because this position our community in a special category for all its towns people and tourism.

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