Trick or Treaters 2017 Ajijic Halloween

The Day of the Dead is actually many days with exciting things happening every day. Starting with the Thriller Dance which I wrote about in the previous article. But then there was a zombie parade, and altars for the dead loved ones are set up around town. Wreaths are sold all over town. It is an exciting time of the year.

Unfortunately, I was sick. And I only made it to the Thrill the World dance. I was really looking forward to going Trick or Treating with my friends. Check out that sweet witch in the top photo. Her first real trick or treating that she will probably remember.

Her mother, Dulce took most of these photos and sent them to me. I don’t have much information to go on since I wasn’t with them. I always like to take the photos and experience the holidays myself before writing about them. This sickness was a big disappointment to me.

I was told that they went mostly to Mirasol and El Parque. Both these areas are private, gated communities. Apparently they opened them up for the trick or treaters.

I was told of several other great places to go for the best candy besides Mirasol and El Parque. Lower Chula Vista and la Floresta are also good.

The group went out before dark which made getting the photos much easier. They look like they are taking a break in the photo above.

I don’t see how the two sweet girls in the photo above could scare even a kitten. What beautiful smiles they have. Lucky parents. Lucky world to have them in it.

Looks like more children are gathering in the street. This must have been a good area for getting candy.

How could anyone deny candy to these children? I love their costumes. But especially their innocent smiles. I sure wish I could have been there with them.

The above photo is my favorite because she looks so innocent. And there is a beautiful rainbow behind her. She is expressing such hope for the evening. She is our hope for the future of this often cynical old world.

And now we go to the opposite side of this rainbow. The boy with a dagger through his head. Very creative. And scary. Good thing it was still light outside.

Once again a long rest. But that candy bucket is almost empty. I wonder if he ate it already.

The face above is one of the saddest I have ever seen. Good thing Dulce caught a smile in the photo of her below. Friends do that to you, make you smile when you sometimes feel like being sad.

More smiles. I love these costumes. A lot of attention was put into them.

Now the buckets look like they are getting full. And more smiles. What fun.

This place must have been giving out especially good candy. Look at that line.

Here are the two witches again with a blow up black cat and pumpkin.

Looks like this family is getting a bit tired.

This man making his spider webs seems to be enjoying the halloween celebrations even more than the visiting children.

I love the expression of the dog in the background. She looks so pleased to have the company.  All in all it looks like it was a very special time for these children and their parents. Sometimes people ask us if they trick or treat in Mexico. For sure, they do. But it is just one part of the giant puzzle of things that are going on every day and night during this Day of the Dead season. Next year I hope to be well so I can enjoy it.

Thank you Dulce for sharing the photos.

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