Halloween in Ajijic Lake Chapala 2020

Every year on the 31st of October the streets are filled of joyful voices covering each corner of the streets of the Chapala Lakeside with kids trick or treating throughout the afternoon and enjoying of great decorations some of the expats do for them, making this an unforgettable celebration, thick treating starts around 3pm because of the early sunset, even though this is an American tradition the lakeside has adopted the holiday with much joy since the kids await this day every year with such enthusiasm to be able to show off their scary costumes, favorite super heroes, zombie or Disney princes.

This year this celebration took another direction given the situation we are currently living with pandemic COVID19 and recent protocols established by the state of Jalisco. These little ones accompanied by their father walked the lonely streets of the Floresta in search of a house giving out candy.

They were happy to pose for the photo to show off their scary zombie costumes and even smiled for the camara despite of the long walk they had trough the lonely streets of La Floresta without having any luck.

All Halloween celebrations and events were cancelled to prevent any transmissions having all gated community’s such as La Floresta, EL Parque, Chula Vista, Mirasol, and Ribera’s del Pilar shut down with candy giving, making kids very sad. We still had some family’s walking the streets with the littles in hope of any luck.

These little ones walked the street of Mirasol, shouting out “Queremos halloween” that means Trick or Treat filled with joy. We understand that it is difficult for them to understand why one of their most anticipated day of the year was canceled but extremely proud of the communities for following the protocols making the Chapala lakeside a safe place for all the towns papulation, this speaks of the good management of the authorities and the will of each person so that together we can transcend out of something that is affecting us worldwide.


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