Lake Chapala’s New Real Estate Portal

Lake Chapala Mexico churchWell, this is our first blog post and  we can officially say HELLO CHAPALA. After months of developing we are finally live. You probably have allot of questions as to why and what is Let us get started by answering a two basic questions:

  • What is and why?

The crew behind knows what it takes to create a site worth a users while! Our mission is to take you further than any other website you ever saw online; into a real dynamic, inspiration-driven environment with plenty of information on the Lake Chapala area, original content and a combination of features leaving most real estate websites behind.. read more

  • Is this site the MLS for the area?

No, we are not the MLS in the Lake Chapala area. The MLS is considered a listing system that all real estate agents and users can access through their website at looks to become an online boutique that gives.. read more

  • Why a Real Estate portal, is that all there is on this site?

The team behind this project has years of web development under their belts and a passion for Lake Chapala. We grew up in the area, reside here and want to show you our paradise inthe most explicit way possible. Although it is based on showcasing the areas real estate, agents and available rentals, we also provide unique content on everything from how much it costs to live in the area to installing and getting you internet working. Some of the categories we will write about on our site will include: Economy, Education, Entertainment, Food and Dinning, Health Care, Tech Talk, Sports, Security…..

One of the best and first sections we started developing on ALC would be our Photo Gallery of the Lake Chapala area. Taken by one of our team members and local photographer, Alex Zaragoza, we combined the areas most popular towns which include Ajijijc, Chapala, San Antonio, La Floresta, Jocotepec and San Juan Cosala also known as the Raquet club. If this is the first post you read on our site, we recommend you get started at our picture gallery, it is our why of expressing our love for Lake Chapala.

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2 thoughts on “Lake Chapala’s New Real Estate Portal”

  • admin

    Nice pictures, I love the gallery

  • Michael

    I would like to thank you for your wonderful website. It is so helpful & the detail you have taken to make it easy to shop is a credit to your company. We will visit you in May to find a rental & move to Mexico on 11/1/13. Through your website…we have been able to see our future. We Thank You for that!


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