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About Access Lake Chapala.
Founded in August 2010, the crew behind AccessLakeChapala.com knows what it takes to create a website portal worth a users while! Our mission is to take you further than any other local website you ever saw online; into a real dynamic, inspiration-driven environment with plenty of information on the Lake Chapala area, original content and a combination of features leaving most websites behind.

We are located at the end of Colon street, in the heart of Ajijic, just 1 block away from the Ajijic Malecon and Lake:

Access on Morelos Street

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Access Office on Morelos

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What services does Access offer?

Home Rentals: Access advertises your property for rent, obtains references from interested tenants, creates the lease agreement between you and the tenant, gathers first and last months rent, plus damage deposit for you from the tenant and we physically delivery the property to the tenant providing you with an inventory once he takes possession. See homes we have for rent here.

Home Sales : Access is one of the most unique and diverse companies in the Lakeside area. Our website presence shows you the time, effort and dedication we put into our work, not only with our online content but with or rental and sales clients. Access started with rentals back in 2009, quickly jumping to the number #1 resource in the market. Due to our experience and work ethic, many of our rental clients requested our services for buying and selling property. In 2016 Access became an agent of Lloyd Real Estate, opening the doors for our sales clients and paving our way to providing the same great service for potential home buyers and sellers. Contact us to learn more about selling your home or buying property in the Lakeside area. See homes we have for sale here.

Car Rentals: Based on the feedback we have received from clients we now have a small inventory of cars that we rent out to people who wish to explore the Lakeside area. Since there is so much to see and places to visit, having a car to get you around the different villages makes sense for those newcomers exploring the area.  You can see what we have available in our “Car Rentals” section in the main menu, just send us an email with your dates and we will get back to you with the availability. See our available cars here

Orientation Tours: Our website is filled with great information, pictures, videos, blog posts and more. Through our site we receive hundreds of questions from people who want to move here but are hesitant and want to get some local insight or a “feel” for the area through some guidance, mostly regarding house rentals but also about getting to know the area, the different towns in lakeside, local contacts, activities, events, best restaurants and so forth. This is why Access Lake Chapala offers a tour of several Lakeside towns by showing you the ropes and also some rentals in different communities. Take our tour here

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Why did your team create this portal?

We want to showcase the beauty and tranquility of Lake Chapala by providing users a detailed view inside the areas people, traditions, rentals and overall local information. The details provided on our website are endless. We strive to show you what living here is all about and we combine as much information as possible so you can make a decision to move here.

On our site, you the user will be able to explore information about Lake Chapala, the outstanding collection of detailed listings, check out the ultra crisp videos and see the location of homes for rent with our integrated Google Maps!

Meet some of our team members:

Mario Garcia – Rental & Sales Manager


Mario Garcia was born in Chihuahua and raised in the area since he was 12 years old. He is fluent in both English and Spanish. Mario has 4 children and is happily married in upper Ajijic.

Mario has extensive experience in sales, e-commerce and customer relations. Mario help build, develop and sell a local car classifieds portal for the Guadalajara area. He brings years of experience to the table by having worked with hundreds of clients in  Guadalajara.

Mario runs and manages all rentals for Access by keeping in touch with Real Estate agents, Developers and Brokers. He also participates in keeping our database updated with the most recent listings, pictures, videos and maps.

By working with many Developers and Brokers through Access, Mario has gained allot of experience in Real Estate and especially Developments, which is his strong point.

Mario’s contact information: mario@accesslakechapala.com

Kevin Paulini –  Immigration and Legal

Born in Canada, Kevin moved to Lakeside in the late 90’s and met his wife to be Adrianna Flores, who is a Mexican attorney. Kevin and Adrianna run a successful Immigration and Legal office in Ajijic called “Ajijic Legal and Immigration Services”. They specialize in IMSS Healthcare coverage, Wills, FM3 and FM2 Immigration visas. Kevin handles all legal, Immigration and IMSS questions and concerns Access users and clients have.

Kevin knows the ins and outs, not just about Immigration and Mexican legal matters, but he also consults and advises many Expats on Real Estate matters such as deeds, capital gains tax and Mexican trusts. His office can oversee all Real Estate transactions and make sure the transfer of ownerships goes through smoothly.

If you have any questions for Kevin, you can email him directly at info@accesslakechapala.com or by contacting us directly in our contact us section. Kevin responds to emails from Monday through Friday 9am -2pm.

Ramon – Administration

Ramon Perales Navarro was born and raised in the beautiful town of Ajijic, Jalisco. He is very proud to live in the beautiful Lake Chapala and enjoys its beautiful traditions and being part of them. He has had the opportunity to work in various local companies where he worked as a manager, consultant, sales, and the most important thing is customer service. And currently I am part of the team of Access Lake Chapala.

Ramón makes sure everything runs smoothly in the Access office. He is in charge of administration and updating the Access website. When you call our office Ramon is usually the first person to answer and clients coordinate all inquiries though him.

Patricia Evelyn Walker – Writer

Patricia is a single retired woman living in Ajijic. She has made the Lakeside area her home since 2007 and runs her own blog called “The Daily Life of a Retired American Woman in Mexico”. Thanks to Patricia Access has become one of best blogs in the area. She is so passionate about what she writes about, it shows in her work. Every blog post and article Patricia has done for Access has come along with her colorful and cheerful pictures we see in all her posts.

She has contributed immensely to our Blog section where we get allot of traffic and comments thanking Patricia for giving users a peek inside Lake Chapala and how expats live there. Her blog posts are different from most other blogs about the area due to her photography, which is a hobby of hers. Every article she does comes with a set of unique pictures of that topic.

She has covered everything from the annual Chili cook of event held in Ajijic to the Raspberry farms out in Jocotepec. She is always looking for new topics to write about and take pictures of, so if any users have suggestions of something they would like Pat to cover please do let us know. To contact Pat you can always visit our “Blog” and leave a comment on one of her articles.

Kay Davis – Writer

Raised in the US Northeast and married to a military man, Kay spent time in Asia and returned to college in California. In the mid-70s she moved with here children to British Columbia in Canada where she continued her degree studies. There have now been three careers: (1) computer field where she rose to consulting with government and large corporations. (2) social psychology to help people make the switch to high tech work environments and to home computer systems. (3) writing, entirely non-fiction. Then I retired to Lake Chapala and fell in love with the area and the people. She has written many articles about Mexico. She also writes Lakeside Living for El Ojo del Lago

Manuel Mercado- Video Editor and Photography

Manuel grew up in Lake Chapala and finished his studies as a Multimedia Communication Engineer. He has an extraordinary talent in photography and is well known in Ajijic for his. Manuel contributes to Access by helping with our video footage, photography and video editing.

You can see some of his work in our “Videos” and “Pictures” section, where allot of this content was edited and created by Manuel. HD Videos, panoramic photos and video spots are his specialties. His latest video was about the village of Ajijic and you can see some of his work here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ6z2_CJbqw

Pedro Antonio Solorzano – Handyman

Pedro Antonio grew up in the Lakeside area and has been working as a Handyman for years. His father works for the Municipal water company and Antonio’s specialty is pluming an water systems. He also has experience in all types of home improvement work including electrical work.

Antonio has been part of the Access team from the start and every time we get a service call Antonio is the first to know. He has done great work for many homes in the Lakeside area, if something is wrong or not working correctly Antonio will search the problem out and find a solution as soon as possible.

What is our mission statement?

Our Mission is to provide informative, honest and reliable content to our web users and clients by showing them all they need to know about the Lakeside community and it’s people. We strive to keep our web portal’s content constantly updated with articles, pictures, information, blog posts  and the best rentals in town, so our users can make an informative decision on if Lake Chapala is right for them. We firmly believe in keeping our users and customers happy, this is the main mission we have.

What is our vision?

Our vision is to develop Lake Chapala’s leading Informational and Rental Portal, were users can collect all the information they need to know to make an informative decision on making the move to Lake Chapala Mexico.