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Located on the north side of Lake Chapala, Vista del Lago is known for its quiet organized neighborhood that has one of the nicest golf courses at Lakeside. It consists of an entire community designed around a 9 hole golf course, that has a driving range, putting green, locker rooms and a great restaurant to have a margarita or a meal after a round of golf. There are many different homes in the area, many focused around having easy accessibility to the golf course and other further up the hill where you get spectacular views for both the course and Lake.

Vista del Lago community is well maintained and patrolled by the municipal police along with a security company that mans the entrance gate and does routine patrols along the course and streets.

Area limits of Vista del Lago

This community has its pros and cons, so it depends on your preferred lifestyle to find out if this gated community is for you. First thing you need to know is that it is located on the out skirts of Chapala, about 10km east, so in other words it is a quiet isolated golfing community. If you like living on a golf course and driving your cart right on to the green, then this is the right spot for you. If you prefer to be close to shopping, amenities and town activities, then it might not be the the ideal area. For driving Vista del Lago is about a 15 minute drive from thew town of Chapala and a 20 minute drive from Ajijic. Check out the location on our map below and notice that Vista del Lago is a 10km drive away from the Center of Chapala and a 17 km drive from the center of Ajijic:

To see a more detailed map of the different subdivisions, fraccionamientos, restaurants, business’s and more, check out or Lake Chapala Mexico Location Map:

See our complete map with each gated community, town, restaurants & more

Real Estate, Rentals & Neighborhood

Homes in Vista del Lago are either built for views or access to the golf course. You will see many residents driving their golf carts around the community and of course on to the course, sometimes right from their backyard. Real Estate prices range anywhere from 100,000 USD up to 500,000 USD, while rentals go for 650 USD up to 1,800 USD. Although this gated community has been around for decades, there are still some lots available to buy and build your dream home on, a quick drive through the neighborhood will let you see the different options such as lots located higher up towards the mountain side and some right on the course. The golf course membership is optional and to get information on membership fees or maintenance fee costs, it would be best to contact the clubhouse to get the up to date information. You can find a link to the official Chapala country club website below this article. To see some examples of houses check out the properties we have listed on our site.

Virtual Walk Through Videos of Homes 

The picture set below includes homes in the area and the golf course. We have tried to cover pictures of several homes that surround this gated community and also some holes in the 9 hole golf course.

Pictures of the Neighborhood & Golf Course

Living by the 9 hole course and the VDL community in general  is a very desired place to live among expats who are looking to get away from a busy society, the local town fiestas, commotion and overall crowded areas. Vista del Lago is know to be isolated and a quiet area to live in. Below is a list with some locations that are within driving distance, you will notice that you need a car to get almost everywhere, since it is further away from the main town of Chapala.

Areas within walking and driving distance:

  • No shopping, plazas or activities within walking distance
  • 10 minute walk from the Vista del Lago clubhouse restaurant.
  • 20 minute drive to Walmart
  • 15 minute drive to Soraina
  • 15 minute drive to Chapala centro
  • 20 minute drive to Ajijic Centro
  • 20 minute drive to Super Lake

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One thought on “Vista del Lago”

  • Dave

    Greetings from NC. This may not be the correct or best place to start so my apologies but, golfers are usually pretty good folks so why not?

    Quickly….I’m 70, in good shape, Ive played golf for…..65 years. I lived on a PGA tour course in Greensboro NC for 5 years in the 80s and enjoyed that. I’m single for 20 years, retired from hi tech sales, have lived all over the US and worked and traveled throughout western Europe. I’m not wealthy by any means but solvent. Great relationships with family but they are in different parts of the country and I never see them.

    I’ve moved 11 times since I retired 15 years ago, searching for decent weather and friendly people. I’m an outdoors person. Always buying and selling, never renting. I hear the weather there is pretty good?

    I’ve learned, I need to keep my days busy! I walk my dogs 2.7 miles every morning and I’m physically very active, if the weather allows!

    I currently own a mature 55 acre tree farm and just finished the house. My goal was to work on the land until I got too old but…..the weather here won’t allow that. IMHO it’s cold and wet here way too much and….I lived in Oregon for 7 years.

    Possibly buy a fixer on the golf course? I’ve done lots of remodeling. I prefer a single family unattached house. I tried a condo in Scottsdale but….I’m not a condo guy. Are those opportunities available? A fixer not a tear down, I’m way too old for that!

    I could go on and on but……. I won’t.

    Any fellow golfers out there that might want to give me some free advice?

    Im not ready to speak to realtors so please…I’d like to speak to someone like me, someone with nothing to gain, straight shooter, not trying to sell me anything. BTW…I have a lot of respect for hard working realtors!

    Many thx and best wishes from the cold wet tarheel state!


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