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Chula Vista means ‘beautiful view’ in English. That is certainly the case in the Chula Vista areas. Many of the homes have beautiful views of the lake. It is a pleasure to drive through the neighborhoods. There are large homes with million dollar views. Some of the most extravagant homes there have views of both the Chula Vista Country Club golf course and Lake Chapala.

Chula Vista is a suburb of San Antonio. There are three areas of Chula Vista: Upper , Lower Chula Vista and Chula Vista Norte. Upper is a mixture of older homes and new homes. They sell anywhere from 250,000 American dollars and up. The average cost of a home in this area is approximately 300,000 dollars.  There are still several lots for sale in Upper Chula Vista. If you like views, this is the place to build.

Upper Chula Vista by the Country Club

Upper Chula Vista is located close to the nine-hole golf course of the Chula Vista Country Club. There are homes with views of the golf course and even on the edge of it. It is a well-maintained course and anyone can use it. The Country club even includes a set of Tennis courts right before the entrance. Some of the homes are located right below a few of the fairways and greens.

We asked several people living there what they like about the area and the most common answer is that it is quiet and close to everything. Of course the views are always mentioned. A home in this area can run up to a million dollars, especially the ones sitting at the mountain top. Some of the views at these homes are incredible.

Lower Chula Vista

The lower part has many older homes. It is a well-established neighborhood. It also has LOTS for sale and new construction is all around. Although most of the new construction goes on in Chula Vista Norte, the lower area still has a few options to build. Most expats look for homes already on the market, there are plenty of options for renting and buying a home in the lower Chula Vista area.

Chula Vista Norte

Chula Vista Norte is located off the Libramiento on the way to Guadalajara, just North of the country club. It is a gated community. No one is allowed in without permission for the owners, which makes it a very secure residential area. Lot’s of new construction goes on in this part, many lots area available and there are several well know Architects and contractors that build homes directly for clients based on their needs and demands.

The streets and flora in this development are magnificent. All the streets are properly layed with adoquin stone (Adoquines are traditionally used worldwide in streets and avenues in urban areas). Bugambilias can be found on almost every street and in many of the homes.

Area limits of Chula Vista Upper, Lower and Norte

There is a homeowners association for each area. They make sure that things run smoothly. All the Chula Vista areas are clean and safe. They are patrolled regularly. Many expats live in these areas. There is a lot of opportunity for growth in Chula Vista and property values are consistently rising. Plus it is one of the closet developments to the Guadalajara airport, which is a 25 minute drive away.

To see a more detailed map of the different subdivisions, fraccionamientos, restaurants, business’s and more, check out or Lake Chapala Mexico Location Map:

See our complete map with each gated community, town, restaurants & more

Aerial Video & Homes in Chula Vista

Beautiful Aerial video of both upper and lower Chula Vista. Seeing it from this perspective is truly breathtaking, there is an impressive clip half way through the video that shows the beauty of the homes located on the upper mountain side of Chula Vista, the aerial video captures the whole mountain and its cut of point with the highway.

Most of the homes enjoy the endless views of the lake and mountains. Many home owners take advantage of these views and build a terrace to admire the areas beauty. You will see different styles of homes in the videos below and we have included virtual tours of homes in all 3 subdivisions of Chula Vista

Virtual Walk Through Videos of Homes in all 3 Chula Vistas

Areas within walking and short driving distance:

All three areas are close to the stores and restaurants in San Antonio. The golf course, shopping center (Centro Laguna), movie theaters, Walmart and even Super Lake is in walking distance. Super Lake is actually one of the most popular grocery stores in the area, they carry many items that are hard to find in Mexico.

  • 5 minute walk to Interlago Plaza
  • 10 minute walk to Loyola Primary and High school
  • 10 minute walk to Walmart
  • 10 minute walk to Centro Laguna
  • 10 minute walk to MS Cinemas Movie theater
  • 15 minute walk to Super Lake

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