Pictures of the Fiestas of Ajijic 2012 at the Plaza

November 30, 2012

A religious celebration that praises the San Andres Apostal, which the town Church is named after. This is how the Fiestas started, but has also turned into a fun time for all residents of Ajijic, Chapala, San Antonio and nearby Jocotepec. Everyone loves the Ajijic fiestas, and they are known to be the best out of all the municipalities in the lakeside region. Every night for 9 straight nights the Fiestas take place in the town square. At 11pm on the dot, a Castillo is lite, which consists of a series of fireworks that are stacked on a wooden structure and set off in sections. Check out the video of the Castillo and see the series of photos to take a sneak peak inside this traditional event.

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