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July 16th 2014

By the month of July the rainy season in Ajijic Mexico is well underway. During 2014, the season had a strong start and lakeside residents started to visit the local hot spot “El Tepalo” earlier than most years. El Tepalo is a well known local waterfall and it is visited by allot of Ajijic locals due to its proximity (about a 20 minute hike). However it does not always have water flowing, there needs to be consistent rain in Ajijic for the Tepalo to have flowing water. Once locals start to see water flowing across the carretera they know the  mountains and Tepalo has flowing water. To get there is very simple, you have to locate the local “Farmacias Guadalajara” in Ajijic, right in front of “Donas Donas”, then take the cobble stone street all the way up the hill until you reach a gated community called “Villas El Tepalo”, before reaching this community you will see a pathway that goes up the hill, this is the start of El Tepalo.

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