Pictures of the “Regatta” Hot Air Balloons 2013 in Ajijic

September 14, 2013

The annual “Regatta de Globos”, (Hot Air Balloon Regatta) is held every September at the Ajijic soccer field. It is one of the local traditions where you will meet friends and neighbors from all around Ajijic. Every year seems to get better and better, you can tell by the amount of people who attend and the growing number of balloon teams who participate. This year was one of the hardest due to the windy weather conditions. Many teams struggled to get their balloons airborne, some gave up trying. Three out of five balloons either burnt or got torn up due to the wind.

Access Lake Chapala sponsored to the “Si Lupita” team this year and we were honored to have two balloons made for us. The “Si Lupita” team was only able to launch one of our balloons, the second was kept for next year since the weather conditions where not right this year. We were happy to find that our balloon made it successfully into flight and flew over our beautiful Lake Chapala. Below you can see the pictures of this years event followed by a video showing the launch and takeoff of our balloon.

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