Pictures of Mardi Gras Carnaval Parade in Ajijic 2013

February 12th 2013

One of Ajijics favorite traditions is the Mardi Gras Carnaval Parade aka “Fat Tuesday” held every year on the second Tueday of February right before Ash Wednesday. When you hear the word Mardi Gras you are probably thinking of New Orleans or Rio de Janeiro and lots of extravagant floats and beads, well it is a little different than that.

While the local tradition does have floats and beads we have one unique part that attracts all the locals, expats and most of all the children. They are called “Las Zayacas” and they participate in the parade doing what they do best, causing KAOS in funny costumes with masks, while throwing flower at everyone in their path, with a specific target, the KIDS. Zayacas are usually men and boys, however many women are also known to participate. All Zayacas wear dresses stuffed with balloons in the behind and cleavage. The local children do their part in the parade as well, their job is to chase the Zayacas and taunt them before running away and avoiding being covered in flower by the Zayacas.

Below is the picture gallery of the event, you will notice that a large percentage of the town gets together for this event.

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