Cultural Festival Sangre Viva

Cultural Festival Sangre Viva

Date(s) - 10/03/2023 - 12/03/2023



The Sangre Viva cultural festival is a yearly event that takes place at the Ajijic Plaza, this festival is about the PreHispanic Cultures in Mexico, the pure blood. It transmits the work of people who for years have studied  native cultures, the festival  different manifestations: Music, arts and crafts, workshops for all ages, puppets, musical performances; all set to make it a family festival at no cost to viewers. During the festival there are several performances, mostly traditional historic music and dances that are preformed to honor Mexico’s past and those who live in its land centuries ago. This is why it is called “Sangre Viva” which pays tribute to ancestors who’s blood and history still runs in the veins of those still here.

During the day you will see several stands set up through the plaza, in which you will be able to see and buy various cultural items and artwork. The organizers have carefully selected the exhibitors to make sure their work is an original Mexican creation. They also preform traditional Temazcales (click here to read more about Temazcales) but these are held close to the Plaza, mostly at the Malecon just down the road. Make sure to check out this event and bring your camera, there is plenty to see.

The festival was started six years ago by Carlos A. Paz Rubio and the director of the cultural center, Alberto Munoz. They have been in charge every since creating the event. Both are devoted to keeping the indigenous cultures alive as the modern world is overtaking them and they are losing their unique qualities. It is held every year at the Ajijic Plaza, inside the Ajijic Cultural Center which is also in the Plaza, and at the Ajijic malecon.

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