The “El Tepalo” Ajijic Mexico Waterfall in August 2021

The “El Tepalo” is Ajijic’s most popular Waterfall, that seasonally flows with water sometimes starting as early as June and can last all the way up until September. After a heavy nights rainfall, most Ajijic  locals already sense that the Tepalo will have running water. Getting their hiking shoes ready they head for a Donuts shop at the popular “Donas Donuts” and then start the hike up to see the Tepalo.

Check out the video below for a full tour of this hike, we cover each of the 3 waterfalls there are to visit.

—– Full Video Script Below —- You can see this video and more on our YouTube Channel here:

Hey everybody, I’m Monica Ayala with Access Lake Chapala, and today I’m going to show you with you, one of the greatest attractions of lake has to offer.
If you are a nature lover and you love to hike the Tepalo trails for you, it’s just a 150 meters from the main highway in Ajijic..

One of the recommendation’s before you start to hike is always stop by “Donas Donuts” the café established in 1986 in the heart of Ajijic, have your morning coffee and one of the great selections  of donuts they have to offer so you can get energy started for you great adventure.

Entrance sign is where the adventure start, once you walk from the carretera up the hill and you get to the sign it means you are in the Tepalo hide, so let start the tour.

The best months to do you’re hike in the Tepalo it’s from June to September, it’s rainy season, that is will where you find the waterfalls with most water, during your hike you will find three waterfalls, this is the first one, where you can stop, have a sip of water and enjoy nature that is around us.

Welcome to the second waterfall, this means that you are half way through the hike, and third and final cascade is at the end of the Tepalo hike.

I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did. We have arrived to the third and last waterfall of the hike, if you are really into nature and you love hiking, this is an adventure you must do while  visiting the Lake Chapala area. I’m Monica Ayala with Access Lake Chapala and we will see you in our next adventure.

—–Script End—-

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