Aerial Video: See Ajijic & Lake Chapala Mexico from the Sky

See Ajijic & Lake Chapala Mexico from the Air

The Lake Chapala & Ajijic Mexico area is a beautiful and magical place that thousands of people from all over the world call their home. Our goal with the following video is to show you it’s beauty, but through a different perspective, from above. When we started producing it, we did not know it would turn out as well as it did, see for yourself and understand why the team at Access Lake Chapala invested so much effort and time into this video:

Although online you will find a few aerial clips of Ajijic that have been taken during the year 2014, we have been working on this video for almost 1 year, gathering all the shots we need to make it just right. We were rushing to release it sooner, however a video such as this takes allot of time, effort and team work to make sure you get each clip that shows the beauty and tranquility of Lake Chapala.

From the Jacaranda trees blooming in April to the Regatta de Globos (Hot Air Balloons) event in September, we have been patiently compiling clips and taking new shots since January of 2014 and finally released in November of 2014. The result of this video is proof of our dedication, love and respect for the town that we call home.

Access Lake Chapala has invested allot of time, effort, money and work into this video, in which we hope you will appreciate the beauty of the area and lakeside community.

Not all is good news however, during shooting this video our drone fell into the Lake due to a low percentage of battery. We attempted to find and rescue, but failed. We were heartbroken but picked up the pieces and are currently working on getting a new one.

We welcome any donations, every little bit helps. We are happy to shoot a project you have in mind (home, business etc) in exchange for donations that help us reach our goal of obtaining our new drone. Our office is located on Morelos street 13-A downtown Ajijic, we would love to hear from you.

Some of the clips you see are from the following locations:

Town of Chapala

  • The Malecon
  • Train Station
  • Church
  • Mountains by the curves
  • Lourdes Church
  • Madero Street
  • Pool at the Hotel Montecarlo

San Antonio

  • The Malecon
  • Chula Vista Golf Course
  • Chula Vista area including upper Chula Vista mountains
  • Walmart
  • Centro Laguna

Town of Ajijic:

  • La Floresta area including blooming Jacaranda trees
  • Little Chapel in middle of mountain
  • Views of the entire town of Ajijic
  • San Andres Church
  • The Ajijic Plaza
  • The Malecon
  • Fishermen in middle of the lake
  • Sunsets and Sunrises

We hope to release more clips down the road. We have many individual aerail videos from Chapala to San Juan Cosala, which we will be editing and uploading as individual clips, look for them soon. A special thanks to Manuel Mercado and Esteban Marquez of Ajijic, for their hard work and persistence in contributing to put together such an impressive aerial video.

The Access Lake Chapala team


Lakeside Upcoming Events

  • Start of Rainy Season
    14/06/2024 - 17/06/2024
  • Hot Air Balloon Regatta
    14/09/2024 - 15/09/2024
  • Rebozo Parade
    14/09/2024 - 15/09/2024
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