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One of the top 5 most desired gated communities in the Lake Chapala area, due to its concept, common areas and overall location. El Parque is a 114 home development started back in 2002 and located at the center of San Antonio Tlayacapan a subdivision of Chapala and with in very short walking distance to many major shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, the San Antonio plaza, banks, and the most visited lakeside “Hot Spots” such as Superlake or Walmart, both are very close to this gated community.

Extensive common areas include a very large pool (with a small dipping pool), a hot tub Jacuzzi, club house equipped with a small kitchen, terrace furniture and beautiful cobble stone streets that has a walking path in the middle. This development has a very warm feeling and resembles a unified community with beautiful homes.

Area limits of El Parque

We have added a map below allowing you to identify where El Parque is located and how close all the amenities and shopping areas are. The bus stop is just down the road and drives by every 20 minutes, which makes transportation to the rest of Lakeside very easy.  You could walk to the town of Ajijic in about 15 minutes and Chapala perhaps 20. By far this condominium project is in one of the best locations in the Lakeside area.

To see a more detailed map of the different subdivisions, fraccionamientos, restaurants, business’s and more, check out or Lake Chapala Mexico Location Map:

See our complete map with each gated community, town, restaurants & more

Real Estate, Rentals & Neighborhood

Homes in El Parque are considered smaller than other developments offer, however there are a few larger ones that are two stories. The houses are aligned close up to each other, which some consider as a con since privacy plays a factor here, but the common areas and price ranges for these homes make up for it. You can find a home to buy starting at about 120,000 USD up to about 230,000 USD for larger two story homes. Rentals are rare since El Parque does have a high demand, especially for vacation rentals, but you can find a rental starting at about 700 USD up to 950 USD. The homeowners are very organized and are known to have great events (4th of July parties, potlucks etc.. ) and small get togethers at the clubhouse, making the community a pleasant welcoming place to live.

To see some examples of houses check out the properties we have listed on our site.

Virtual Walk Through Videos of Homes

The pictures below include some shots of the streets and several different homes, both on the inside and out. This will give you an idea of the home designs, the planned community and its overall surroundings.

Pictures of the Neighborhood

Community feeling, the price range, common areas and its location make it one of Lakeside’s favorites. You are right in the middle of Ajijic and Chapala making it the best of both worlds since you are so close to most amenities Lakeside has to offer, the Chula Vista golf course is just a 5 minute walk down the main carretera. Below is a list with some locations that are within short walking distance.

Areas within walking and short driving distance:

  • 5 minute walk to Super lake
  • 5 minute walk to Chula Vista Golf course
  • 5 minute walk to Loyola Elementary and High school
  • 10 minute walk to Walmart
  • 10 minute walk to Centro Laguna
  • 10 minute walk to MS Cinemas Movie theater
  • 10 minute walk to the San Antonio Plaza
  • 15 Minute walk to Ajijic

Lakeside Upcoming Events

  • Hot Air Balloon Regatta
    14/09/2024 - 15/09/2024
  • Rebozo Parade
    14/09/2024 - 15/09/2024
  • Combate de Flores
    15/09/2024 - 16/09/2024
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