Local Clinics and Doctors

Local Clinics and Doctors in the Lakeside area

Medical care in Mexico is one of the highest concerns for people who consider moving to Mexico. Many people harbor antiquated opinions of inadequate medical care when, in fact, Mexico has excellent care. In 2010, Newsweek conducted a study of the World’s Best Countries. Overall, Canada was ranked #7, United States #11, and Mexico #14 in Health Care. The people living at Lake Chapala have found world-class medical care at extremely reasonable costs. Ever been too sick to go to the doctor? Not fun, is it? Well, in Mexico many doctors make house calls.

Expats support Mexican Doctors

In interviews with ex-pats comparing relationships between their doctors in Mexico with their doctors North of the Border, they overwhelmingly support their Mexican doctors. They cite that their doctors take whatever time is needed with patients. While in consultation, patients report that doctors care about their patients and their patients’ families. The doctor also treats the whole patient instead of “body parts”. Lifestyle questions lead the initial consultation, and most Mexican doctors rely heavily on the importance of diet and natural alternatives instead of reaching for a prescription pad for every ailment. The results are that many ex-pats report experiencing better health since moving to Mexico.

Every neighborhood in the Lakeside area has a doctor or dental office since Mexicans usually use professionals within walking distance of their home.  Ex-pats coming from a different culture prefer their services centralized.  Because of that, several clinics have been established in the area. Each clinic has its own strengths and drawbacks, and area ex-pats often choose their care provider by getting recommendations, or picking one place and starting there.

Listed below are a few clinics available in Lake Chapala

They service the areas from Chapala to Riberas del Pilar, San Antonio Tlayacapán and Ajijic.

Ajijic Clinic (Hospital Clinica Ajijic):

Located at Carretera Oriente #33 in Ajijic on the mountain side at Javier Mina.  Dr. Alfredo Rodríguez Quintan is the Medical Director. This medical center has doctors and nurses on call 24/7. As you walk into this blue-sided building, there is a large desk on the right staffed by a bi-lingual staff member. There is a waiting area to the left, and there are both stairs and ramps leading to the upper floors. The staff direct patients to appropriate areas for their appointments. Reasonable prices are listed as is “English spoken”.  Services are available by appointment, and their bi-lingual brochure lists “Cardiologist-Internist, Traumatology and Orthopedics, ENT, Ophthalmologist, Dentist, Dermatologist, Surgical packages for all specialties, Gynecologist, Plastic surgeon, General Surgery, Urologist, Pediatrician, Family doctor, house calls and medical check-ups”. They advertise an Emergency Room, Operating Room, Private rooms, Oxygen Inhalotherapy, X-rays, lab tests, mobile intensive care unity/air ambulance.” Their telephone number is (376) 766 – 0662 and (376) 766 – 0500.

Grupo Medico (Also known as Dr. Gerado León’s clinic): 

Located at the Carretera Poniente #4B, between Colón and Juarez in Ajijic on the lake side. Dr. Leon provides medical services. This clinic has Dr. Leon’s name artistically displayed in dark brown on a tan colored building. As you enter the brown doors, there is a pleasantly appointed waiting area. Patients sign in at the desk and are directed to one of three waiting areas on three different levels in his clinic, all accessible by either stairs or ramps. His clinic also houses a lab, a pharmacy, a dental office, and multiple exam rooms. The staff is bi-lingual, records are computerized, and some specialists come to examine patients instead of having the patients go to their offices in Guadalajara. The telephone number for Grupo Médico is (376) 766 – 5633.

Maskaras Clinic: 

Located at Hidalgo #79G in Riberas Del Pilar on the lake side of the Carretera. The clinic opens to a desk on the right where patients check in. There is a waiting area near the desk, and the exam and treatment rooms are on the second floor, accessible by stairs or elevator. Headed by Dr. Ramon Garcia as the Medical Director, the clinic has a number of other specialists who practice through the clinic.  There is a radiology lab available next door, a lab and a pharmacy all related to this operation and all in the same block.  This is the only clinic at Lakeside that currently offers “the American plan”.  That is a plan with payment of an annual fee which buys a year of doctor visits, and a discount is offered on X-rays, EKG’s, lab work and certain tests. Local telephone number:  (376) 765 – 4805.

Maskaras website: http://www.maskarasclinic.com/

Medijic Clinic: 

Medijic Clinic AjijicA new clinic in Ajijic, this is located on the mountain side, Careterra Oriente #23 just east of Marcos Castallanos in Ajijic. At present, the clinic is in the process of transforming the space from a restaurant into a medical clinic. It has open waiting areas in the central garden, treatment and exam rooms, as well as a check-in desk, and it is staffed by American doctors licensed to practice in Mexico. They offer Urgent Care 24/7, ambulance service and AirLink Air Ambulance in Guadalajara (affiliated), plus direct billing to many different types of insurance including: Tricare, Champus and FMP. They also take credit cards, echecks, and PayPal. Their business manager is Dr. Ian Fischmann; their Medical Director is Dr. William Dickson. They have four medical doctors and will be adding two more by the end of 2012.

Medijic website: http://www.medijic.com/

By Victoria Schmidt, Access Team writer

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