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List of Churches and Religions in Ajijic and Chapala

Mexico is predominately a Catholic country. There are Catholic churches in every town here. Social life for the majority of the Mexicans revolves around the Catholic Church and church holidays. There are numerous processions and celebrations based on the Catholic religion.

Surprisingly there are also many other religions here.  Since there are so any expats in the lakeside area, there are also other religions and churches.  Every church group here has an extended social life besides the services. I have been to yard sales, potlucks, lectures and other celebrations that were put on by various churches here. If you come here and can’t find your church, Guadalajara may have it. It takes less than an hour to get into Guadalajara so that is an easy trip.

San Andres Catholic Church St. Andrew’s Anglican Church Little Chapel by the Lake Lake Chapala Baptist Church

List of Churches and Religions Lakeside:

We have compiled a summarized list of several churches and religions practiced in the lakeside area. Although some information is limited, we tried to gather as much information as possible. Including phone numbers, addresses, emails, pastors names and even pictures of the churches location:

Lake Chapala Baptist Church

Sta.Margarita #147

Ribaris del Pilar

Bob Hendrick, Pastor Telephone: 765-2925

Mid-week 9:30 a.m.

Worship: Sunday 8:30 a.m. English service

Sunday 9:45 a.m. English Bible Study

Sunday 11:00 a.m. English Worship and Spanish Bible Study

Sunday 12:30 Spanish Worship


Lakeside Community Fellowship

#441 Hidalgo in Riberas

The Bravo Theater

Pastor- Alan Pohl 333-399-1501

Sunday English Service 10:00am

Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies 10:00am

Website –

Please call or contact us through the website for more info.


Little Chapel by the Lake

Little Chapel by the Lake, A.R.

Carretera Chapala-Jocotepec No. 10,

Fracc. Chula Vista, Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Ken Armstrong, 332-186-0417


Home Church International


Ph. (332) 242-8648

Pastors Paul & Susana Allen


Lake Chapala-Ajijic Jewish Congregation

Sta. Margarita #113 Riberas del Pilar

Weekly Sabbath evening, morning services and Torah study

Temple president: Elliott Gould

Telephone: 765-5647

They have over a hundred members and many nonmembers. Sometimes 200 people show up. They have potlucks, meetings and lectures during the week. Here is also a library.  There is no Rabbi at the moment.


Lakeside Presbyterian Church

San Jorge #250 in Riberas del Pilar, Chapala

Pastor Ross Arnold Telephone 376 766-1238

Norm Pifer at 376-766-0616

Bible Study: Monday 10:00 a.m.

Sunday Service 10:00 a.m.


St. Andrew’s Anglican Church

San Lucas #19 Riberas del Pilar

Holy Eucharist: Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

Church telephone number: 765-3926

Rectory 766-2665

Open daily from 9 a.m.-12:00


San Andres Catholic Church

Parroquia and M.Castellanos, Ajijic

English Mass: Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

Fr. Alfredo Arrecia

Telephone: 766-0922

Abundant Life Assembly of God

English Service: 10 a.m. Spanish at 12.

Carretera-Chapala-Jocotepec #140

Pastor Gene Perrault

Telephone Number: 01 (387) 766-5615 or 766-3173


Center for Spiritual Living Celebration

Based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes

Nicolas Bravo #17. Phone: 766-0920

Rev. Tim Schubert and Rev. June Spencer


Rev. Tim Telephone 766-0930

Meetings: Tuesday 10:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. or Friday 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m

Visioning for life meeting 10:30a.m. – 12. Noon


Seventh Day Adventist

Maderia #12 Rancho del Oro

Meeting: 9:15a.m. – 12:00 noon

Potluck after meeting



Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Services in English and Spanish

Meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Riberis del Pilar

Bishop Wyvell (376) 766-1532 or 765-7067

The Mormons have been in Mexico since 1874. There are 12 temples. One is in Guadalajara.


Church of the Holy Spirit

Alvaro Obregon #119 Chapala

Sunday Service 10:00 a.m.

Telephone: (376) 765-4210


Lake Chapala Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Sta. Margarita #113 Riberas del Pilar (at the Jewish Center)

Call Trudy Crippen  at 766-5507 or e-mail:

There are over 70 members.


Lakeside Fellowship

Bilingual charismatic church

Javier Mina #49 Ajijic

Telephone: (376) 766-0795

Prayer meetings: 10:15 a.m.

Sunday Service: 11:00 a.m.


Church of Christ

Iglesia de Cristo

722B Zaragoza

across from Nuevo Chapala Club


Service times:  Sunday 11:00

Bible Class:     Wednesday 7:pm

Terry Boswell, 332 055 6255,


By, Evelyn Walker