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One of the oldest events still going strong in the town of Ajijic. The Verbena has been in the towns tradition for over 100 years and shows how united the Mexican people are, since they are all volunteering to raise funds for the “Passion of Christ Play” that takes place the following weekend. They sell all kinds of Mexican food such as Tamales, Tacos, Enchiladas and desserts such as Morelianas. All funds collected go towards funding the play. It also takes place on the same day as “Domingo de Ramos” where the main street that runs along the church is spread with alfalfa welcoming the procession. The main factor that makes this event so unique is the way the food is prepared, it has to be done with resources available to the towns people over 100 years ago. For example heating with wood instead of gas and using “Barro” clay cups instead of plastic ones. At night there is a moment where the electricity to the plaza is turned off and only candels are used for lighting, a very beautiful experience. Check out our blog post on the Ajijic Verbena for more details.

Below are the pictures for this years parade:


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