Capirotada Competition

Capirotada Competition

Date(s) - 04/04/2025 - 06/04/2025


Capirotada is a sweet dessert made with bolillo bread, toasted then dipped in a secret sauce, layed in a cazuela (pan) with raisins, cheese, pilloncillo, and other items per each persons family tradition. It dates back to the roman empire. The reason for event us to keep this dessert and tradition ever present in Ajijic. It is a non profit event where the star of the show is Capirotada, a sweet dessert made during lent. Admission is free, no fee to compete, starts at 2pm and ends around 7pm. Local business and Restaurants donate prizes, in addition to cash donations. Last year they handed out $12,000.00 in prizes

There are various preparations of the dish. It is generally composed of toasted bolillo (which is like the French baguette) and soaked in a mulled syrup made of the following: whole cane sugar, which is known as piloncillo; clove; and cinnamon sticks. Some of the typical ingredients include nuts, seeds, and dried (and sometimes fresh) fruits, among these are: apples, dates, raisins, apricots, peanuts, pecans, almonds, pine nuts and walnuts.You can read more about how it is prepared on Wikipedia.

Make sure to visit our blog and search for “Capirotada”, we try to cover this event every year and do a blog post on it including pictures and current information For more detailed information about this event make sure to call 331 706 1234  and facebook page The Feria Capirotada on their Facebook page.

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