Verbena Jamaica

Verbena Jamaica

Date(s) - 16/04/2023


A traditional Ajijic event that goes back more than 120 years, Verbena means: a local celebration where typical Mexican games are played, food is shared and prepared in traditional ways. Many popular typical Mexican dishes are served such as; tacos, sopes, enchiladas, pozole, tamales, fruit water and a vast array of gastronomical Mexican delight, all prepared by Mexicans who have done so for many generations. It is one of the many events the Ajijic locals keep alive during the years and shows why Ajijic is so special, it is filled with culture and tradition.

All food is prepared the old fashion way, which means no electricity, no gas, no synthetic materials or plastics are used. The plaza is lite with candles, cooking is done with charcoal and food is served in “baro” plates. This event is done only once a year, and is organized by The Passion of Christ committee in order to raise funds for the Passion play done during Holy week. The organization has kept the habit of holding this event in a very careful manner, where the most important thing is to respect the traditional way of doing a verbena, the old fashioned way.

Those who attend the “Verbena”, can wear normal clothes or dress up in a traditional Mexican way. For women, it would be with long dress, blouse and shawl. Men would were manta clothing with a sombrero. During the end of the festival, “the papaqui” is celebrated, where locals begin to break eggshells with confetti on themselves. Painted egg shells will be sold at the event, so that nobody is left without participating in this marvelous tradition

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