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February 16th 2013

The Ajijic Art Festival is a yearly event hosted by local artist and the new Ajijic Cultural Director “Efren Gonzalez“. The street it takes place on is “Marcos Castellanos” and there were over 40 exhibitors, entrance fee was only 10 pesos. Frida Kahlo, was the character used at both entrances to the event, the whole block is locked down for the weekend so exhibitors, local and foreign artists can display or sell their artwork.  Some artists who participated included: Janice Kimball, Enrique Gordiano, Antonio Lopez Vega, Christian Hernandez, Gabriel Reyes, Gwyne Lott, Rosa Isela Perez Lopez, Carla Messer, Rebeca, Jonsson, Cathy Chalvignac, Bruno Mariscal, Efren Gonzalez, David Kerstetter, Paul Huber, Rigoberto Navarro, Eduardo Robledo, Elsa Malka, Agnes Thomas…

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