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November 2, 2015

Day of the dead is an important event in Mexico and the tradition represents honoring the dead, requesting them to come back for a one day visit on November 2nd. This is done by creating an altar for the loved one. It must contain the personal effects, cloths, favorite food and of course a picture of the person who has passed. Traditional “Pan de Muerto” (translation “Dead mans Bread”), is common on this day, you will find it on most of the altars. We took pictures of this years altars in the town of Chapala, on 5 de mayo street and during the evening at the Ajijic Plaza. Chapala has more altars since the local high school participants and each class room has to create one. In Ajijic there are less altars but more activity such as dancing, music and food stands setup around the plaza

Below are the pictures for this years altars, the night pictures were taken at the Ajijic Plaza and the day pictures in the town of Chapala:

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