Crime and Safety in Lake Chapala? Are We Safe in Mexico?

As recently transplanted Americans who came to the Lake region for retirement, safety and security was a dominant issue in the months leading up to our leaving the U.S.  Given the steady stream of drug cartel violence presented on TV, reinforced by US State Department advisories and the increasingly hysterical concerns expressed by friends and family, we started to lose confidence in our own research and...

The Lake Chapala Society, Center of Activity and Beauty

The Lake Chapala Society is located in the heart of Ajijic, on 16th of September St. #16-A. It is also the heart of the lives of most  expats here. It is the first place I was taken to visit when I arrived in Ajijic. I used the bulletin board to look for a rental. Every time I go there, I see what is new up on the boards. Salesmen at the Front Gate of the  Lake Chapala Society The grounds open a...

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