Pictures of The Capirotada Fair 2018

March 24, 2018

A new event going on its 4th year in Ajijic, the Capirotada event is becoming popular and is now an anticipated event. There is no fee and is held in the afternoon through the evening under the shade in the park beside the Ajijic malecon. There were a lot of things happening, including many craft stands that were set up beside the park. There was a large crowd in every area of the event. Besides the Capirotada tasting and contest, there were bands that played during the day and folk dancers performing. Also a jazz guitar musician played and I don’t know what else. Lots of fun. Dancing and eating and enjoying the beautiful day. Below is the picture set, to read more about the event, make sure to check out our blog post, where we list more pics and information.

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