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Rental Tour: Get to know the Lakeside Area

Getting familiar with a new community, currency, culture and home can be challenging when you are not familiar with the area, especially if it is in another country such as Mexico. Our little piece of paradise in Lake Chapala Mexico is a beautiful, safe, friendly and most of all an inexpensive area to live in, not to mention it is easier than you think to get settled here. See some of our videos, we have included of local traditions and even Aerial footage of the different towns to get a feel of Lakeside:

Do you want to check out the area & see some rentals?

Through our website we receive hundreds of questions from people who want to move here but are hesitant and want to get some local insight or a “feel” for the area through some guidance, but also about getting to know the area, the different towns in lakeside, homes for sale, homes for rent, local contacts, activities, events, best restaurants and so forth. Below are some of the most common questions we received on a weekly basis:

  • I want to do an exploratory visit, can you take me to see some rentals in different areas?
  • Which Lakeside town is right for me and what are the pros and cons?
  • What kind of activities and events go on in Lake Chapala?
  • How do I rent a house and what do I need to get started?
  • How do I buy a house and what do I need to get started?
  • Should I live in a gated community or in the center of one of Lakesides towns?
  • Where are the local markets, shopping centers, entertainment, etc….
  • What hotel or B&B should I stay at while I am visiting that’s close to amenities?
  • Can you recommend some good restaurants?
  • What transportation do you recommend I use while I am there?

This is why Access Lake Chapala offers a tour of several Lakeside towns by showing you the ropes and also some rentals in different communities. We start of in Chapala and end in San Juan Cosala, in which we cover most of the areas highlights along with different rental properties through out the villages. We also put you in touch with the right people for immigration, health care, movers and overall local contacts we use.

Take a look into our communities beautiful people:

Are you ready to start renting a home within 45 days?

Access shows its clients who are ready to rent homes they select from our website free of charge and can reserve/hold a home with a deposit, but you need to be ready to move into the home within 45 days . Why do we do this? Landlords want to rent their houses as soon as possible and if they were to hold their house for someone who wants to rent 3,6 or 12 months down the road, they lose out on other tenants who want to move in right away and sign a yearlong lease. Homes in the area get rented rather quickly, so if you see one you like but are not ready to move in yet, you can keep an eye on the site to see if it will still be available 45 days before you want to move in, or you might find another home you like, we are constantly adding new homes.

Click here to read what you need to get started renting a home

Not ready to rent within 45 days but want to explore the area & rentals?

If you are still deciding or have already made up your mind on moving to the Lake Chapala area but are still more than 2,6 or 12 months away from renting a home, we offer a complete low cost tour, by taking you on a short trip around the different Lakeside towns, show you a few example homes from our website (that are not rented) and give you some useful information on the different lakeside towns such as: pros-cons, good restaurants, activities, local events, contacts and more. If you see a house you like during the tour and it is still available once you are ready to move in, we will help you get that done. If it was rented we will help you find another rental in an area you like. We also point you in the right direction regarding banking, transportation (legalizing-buying a car), paying utilities (electric, phone, internet), moving belongings and more.

Check out some videos of our happy clients and a sample of rental homes we show you:

Our objective is to let you make a realistic evaluation of the Lake Chapala area. This tour lets you make a confident decision and gives you the opportunity to make the moving transition simpler.

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Please select one of the tour options below:

1) Complete Tour of Lakeside: Includes: Chapala, Riberas del Pilar, San Antonio, Chula Vista, La Floresta, Ajijic Centro, West Ajijic & San Juan Cosala. This includes touring 3 rental homes you select from our website, along with a few gated communities along the way. Starts at 9:30am and concludes around 1pm.

1 Person - 75 USD2 People - 90 USD3 People - 110 USDNone of the above

2) Tour of 4 Rentals Only: If you are already familiar with the area but want to get to know the rental market a little more, we offer a 4 home rental tour based on any home you selected from our website. Starts at 9:30am and concludes when the 4 homes have been viewed.

1 person - 45 USD2 people - 75 USD3 people - 90 USDNone of the above

Please let us know if there is something in particular you want to see so we can add it to the tour or other needs. Also let us know if you have special needs or limitations:

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