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Where to invest? Should I build or should I buy an already made home? Many questions arise and if you are not sure whether you want to live in Chapala, Ajijic or another surrounding town, check out our articles on individual towns real estate. These articles will give you an idea of how each towns real estate looks, we will also give you an idea of price ranges and the differences of living between towns surrounding Lake Chapala.

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Can a Foreigner Buy Real Estate in Lake Chapala

Woman holding a escrituraAjijic and Chapala is located more than 100km away from the border or coastline. So if you are going to invest in real estate here, you can have direct ownership, an Escritura (deed) in your name, you do not have to go through a bank trust.  If you where living in Puerto Vallarta  you would have to buy through the bank trust aka fidecomiso. All legal documents, transfer of lands and Mexican deeds, known as escrituras are…

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How to Pay For Your Property Tax “Predial”

Example of Property Taxanuary in Mexico is more than pleasant weather. It is the time to pay property taxes to receive a discount. Mexican property taxes are known as predial, and like most places these taxes are used to operate local governments.  As north of the US-Mexican border, there is a discount for paying the entire tax early; here we pay by the end of February to be eligible for a ten percent discount. This said, it is sometimes easier to say…..

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Chapala – Expats like Brisas and Haciendas

Home in Chapala HaciendasChapala is the largest town on the lake. Population of the municipality is approximately 45,000 people. The population of Ajijic is around 15,000. The approximate number of expats in the entire lakeside area is 40,000. It is the first town on the highway from Guadalajara, which is just thirty miles away. The international airport is even closer than Guadalajara. It takes less than thirty minutes to drive from Chapala to the Guadalajara airport and not..

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Riberas del Pilar – Inexpensive Homes & Lots

Home in Lower Riberas Del PilarRiberas Del Pilar is located between Chapala and Mirasol. The town to the west of Mirasol is San Antonio. Riberas is deceiving when you drive through it along the carretera. It appears to be a small area but once you get onto the side streets, it expands. It is one of the largest areas along the lakeside. It is quickly developing. There is more room to expand in this area than any other area here. On the north side of the carretera, there are..

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Chula Vista – Great Views, Golf and room to build

Home in Upper Chula VistaChula Vista means ‘beautiful view’ in English. That is certainly the case in the Chula Vista areas. Many of the homes have beautiful views of the lake. It is a pleasure to drive through the neighborhoods. There are large homes with million dollar views. Some of the most extravagant homes there have views of both the Chula Vista Country Club golf course and Lake Chapala…

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